My Travel Photography Journey - Sh*t to Boss

I'm not one to usually toot my horn and say I'm amazing at any certain skill.
I'm not particularly great at anything. I'm pretty good at a lot of things, but not great.

Photography is a thing that has been in my life for years, but more because 3 of my boyfriends were interested in photography before it even crossed my mind to pick up a camera. I always wondered why on earth they would bother. I didn't really understand the point, but more so, I never really thought I could be good at it.

And even 3 years after I picked up a camera, I actually thought I was completely rubbish...until very, very recently. I caught myself looking at my portfolio in admiration. Beautiful images sharing a story, curated beautifully and images complimenting each other.

And it feels weird to say at this point in time I actually really love my photos. But it's also a relief, because if you're a creator you completely understand the painful thought process of always thinking your work is dirt and you're worthless.

So to have glimpses of light in those dark thoughts is a massive weight off the shoulders...for 5 minutes...until all those dark thoughts return.

But I thought since I'm feeling quite great about my photography right now, it would be quite joyous to show you my initial travel photographs, so for yourself you can see the progress.

Let's strap in...I present to you:

Sorelle Amore's Sh*t to Boss Photography Journey

Self Portrait March 2016

Self Portrait March 2016

Self Portrait October 2017

Self Portrait October 2017

Glacier shot October 2015

Glacier shot October 2015

Glacier shot February 2017

Glacier shot February 2017

June 2016

June 2016

January 2018

January 2018

June 2016

June 2016

June 2017

June 2017

Self Portrait November 2016

Self Portrait November 2016

Self Portrait December 2017

Self Portrait December 2017

The Start of it All - My Travel Journey

Circa 2007 - the very first solo trip I undertook to Canada and Europe where I spent 9 months abroad exploring on my own and where I started satisfying a craving, which unknown to me would never disappear.


So why travel? What drives this desire within me to explore? What makes it hard for me to survive and live without travel?

I don't think I really need to explain it to you. You're probably just like me.

It's in all of us, we all want to see what we haven't seen and explore the unknown. We thrive and grow from these experiences, we learn about ourselves, we learn about others and the world.

Before my solo travels, I began traveling at the age of 5 when I moved to Poland from Australia for 6 years. In Poland I would go on camps all over the country (special thanks to my mum for sending me on these trips). In high school I went to Japan and Vanuatu for school trips.

My desperate chase to explore hasn't ever stopped. And here is the list of the countries I've explored since my beginnings as a solo traveler:

  1. Australia 

  2. Poland x10000

  3. Belgium

  4. Slovakia 

  5. UK x5

  6. Tunesia 

  7. Seychelles 

  8. Russia

  9. Thailand 

  10. Bali 

  11. Vietnam x3

  12. Italy 

  13. Canada x2

  14. USA x 5

  15. Vanuatu 

  16. Japan 

  17. New Zealand 

  18. Lithuania

  19. France x6

  20. Czech Republic x 3

  21. Tonga

  22. Vatican City

  23. Germany x2

  24. Malaysia 

  25. Singapore x2

  26. Holland

  27. Iceland x 1000

  28. Hungary

  29. Austria

  30. Slovenia

  31. Cyprus x 5

  32. Turkey (Cyprotic) 

  33. Ireland

  34. Spain x3

  35. Morocco x2

  36. Denmark 

  37. Croatia 

  38. Greenland

  39. Dominican Republic

  40. Bahamas

  41. Costa Rica 

  42. China

  43. Fiji

44 is the big next one for me. It's my favorite number and I want to make this trip incredibly memorable. Where will I end up I wonder?

Since my solo trip in 2007 there hasn't been one year where I haven't traveled at least 2-4 weeks. The older I get, the more I'm away, now averaging 6 months of travel a year.

I wonder when my addiction will be satisfied, or maybe it never will be?

For some reason, I'm ok with that.