Why Iceland?

Does the reality of this country truly live up to the international hype Iceland is now receiving?

why Iceland?

Why Iceland. Valid question.

I'll be the first one to admit that I have the strongest love/hate relationship with this country?
Strange thing to admit for a woman who's social feeds are covered in all things Iceland and so many of my videos being about Iceland and why people should choose Iceland.

Iceland is a land that shouldn't exist. My non-religious boyfriend often states that it's as if God created the whole planet, then his ten year old cousin with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) created Iceland.

A land with volcanos, glaciers, black and bright red sand beaches, no trees, green lights in the sky, overwhelmingly huge waterfalls, snow blizzards and so much more.

And on top of that, it's a country which is far more advanced in thinking and development than a lot of the nations I have seen around the world - and I've seen my fair share.

An incredibly connected society internet wise (incredibly fast internet to most houses in the country), as well as the actual socialising factor is taken very seriously here. Too many times I've been caught off guard by people I barely know inviting me back to their homes for a cup of tea. Two hours later, we're still chatting away over a cuppa. I honestly thought this kind of hospitality only existed in the olden days.

The sustainability factor of this country appeals to me immensely - a country which runs 100% off sustainable energy. This is literally unheard of! 

And of course there is the humanistic approach of Iceland - gay marriage is legal (and not even close to being so in my original home of Australia) and Iceland is the most gender equal nation on the planet. The feminist in me is happy.

why Iceland
why Iceland

Now you're probably reading all these incredible facts with joy and hope and yet thinking - why on Earth would you HATE any of this Sorelle?

No country is perfect.

The country is isolated, out-of-this-world expensive and the winters are beyond brutal. Coming from sunny Sydney, I wasn't aware of how differently I would feel and not knowing I would need to adapt for the dark, cold months ahead of me by taking it easy on myself.

The strain these long months put on your body and mind is beyond comprehension. But recently having lived through a full winter in Iceland, I will admit with a giant grin on my face that I have never in my life appreciated the greenery around me that summer brings, and having the Icelandic 24 hour sunlight in the warm months is a very welcomed encounter.

What would I change in the years ahead of me living in Iceland?

Vacations during winter to warm, tropical islands and using my marketing skills to generate endless cash online so the pockets never end, even in a country as expensive as this.
Whether you're in Iceland for a short time or a long time, it will leave an everlasting impression on you. The inner calm experienced whilst you're observing some of the largest mountains and waterfalls around you, will forever leave you in awe.

- Sorelle Amore

(The girl that accidentally stayed in Iceland and somehow now talks so much about Iceland that it seems she's the international spokesperson for this country)

why iceland - sorelle amore

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