How badly do you want to get paid to travel, be your own boss and live the ultimate life?

I get asked hundreds of times a week how I live the life that I do.

I have companies that pay my flights, accommodation and all other expenses AND they pay me on top of that so I can take photos and videos of their product or country. this reality or is this a dream.

And no...this is not just reserved for a few special people.

Just over a year ago, I remember getting stupidly excited and running around like a mad woman taking photographs because I figured out people get paid to travel.

A year before that I first picked up a camera and started learning photography and videography. This isn't a path that took me 10 years to figure out. This is recent and this is something you can do to. I still don't understand equipment very well. I still don't understand what makes a great photograph, I still get nervous in front of the camera.

And yet I'm already living the dream.

On my Travel Influencer Retreats I will pass on all my knowledge to you and I'm committed to making you successful. No secrets will be held back. I don't want secrets. I want you to become a better travel influencer than me. The more people that are living a life they love, the better off the world is.

The Travel Influencer Retreats are a 7 day all-inclusive retreats for creatives in beautiful bucket list destinations across the world such as Iceland, Indonesia, Bahamas. With my team I concentrate on teaching you the skills required to build a successful online brand and excel in the digital world. 

 I will show you long term, sustainable methods of growing a very strong community and untouchable travel influencer business.

Too many bloggers or Instagrammers these days are teaching success on Instagram, but you probably have the same thought as me. Is Instagram really sustainable? Isn't this an over saturated market already?

That's why I don't just concentrate on Instagram which is a very short term strategy.

What You Will Learn

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Working with International Brands
  • Instagram 101
  • Basics of Videography 
  • Visual Storytelling and "Vlogging" 
  • Content Creation for your blog + social media platforms
  • Basics of Photography; Lifestyle & Travel Tips + Tricks
  • Photo Editing with Lightroom
  • Video Editing with Premiere or Final Cut Pro
  • Creating an Engaging Consistent Brand
  • One-on-One Consulting with The Trip Hosts
  • Think-Tank: Passive Income Strategy for Bloggers
  • Mastering the Instagram Story
  • Media Kit Creation
  • Getting to Know & Trust Your Inner Self
  • How to Gain Exposure 
  • The Busy Woman Guide to Self Healing
  • Time Management & Stress Management


7 Days, 6 Nights Stay at a Luxury Hotel in a bucket list destination

Daily Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at hotel

All Workshops
Shared Accommodations
Professional Photoshoots + Videography
Welcome Yoga Class
Give Back to Cambodia Experience
3 x Day Trip to put your content creation learnings into action
Airport Pickup
Access to Private Facebook Group

Upcoming Travels Influencer Retreats


BALI - Coming soon

BAHAMAS - Coming Soon

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