Long, long time ago…actually roughly 60 years ago…in a land of confused humans, plastic became mainstream. This plastic thing was easily made out of a very accessible product - aka fossil fuel (aka liquefied fricking dinosaurs and plants that died millions of years ago)…which was drilled out of the depths of the earth to make it. Makes sense.

Clever humans.

Today plastic lives amongst us in peace and harmony.


It’s a huge problem, you all probs know that. All of us are getting poisoned by it - animals, our water, us. Yes, including your daughter, son, niece, little sister, bro, mum, dad, friends. Yaaay.

Ok now that the sarcastic tone is out of the way…hi, I’m Australian and sarcasm is our primary way of communication, let me share with you how you can make your bathroom 99% plastic free. 

One room at a time, we shall save the world.


What you will need:

1. A reusable cup for coffee, tea, or any drinks on the run.

2. A stainless steel cutlery set (but make sure you take out the knife whenever you are traveling as they might take it off you - I learned that the hard way)

3. I also have a little special pen that I absolutely adore and treasure. I carry it with me everywhere so I don’t have to use plastic pens.

4. Tupperware containers! They are optional, but they're really great for food on the go and snacks. The same goes for jars, they're great for food or drinks on the run.

5.  A reusable water bottle of course! This is the Grayl water bottle, it has the best water filter in the entire world. It is hardcore stuff, you can filter water anywhere in the world, which means you're replacing water bottles in the hardest places to get water. You don't have to be concerned about being sick - it's a life changer!

6. A reusable shopping bag.

7. A metal straw is always an option, but I just don't use straws at all anymore.

8. The beeswax wrap. This thing is so crazy cool, it replaces cling wrap! I highly recommend them to keep your food nice and fresh in your fridge.

9.  You'll probably need a little bit of an assertive attitude as well. If you are nervous to ask for no straws in your drinks for example, you might just have to push that aside (again, think of the children of the future! Think about the clean beaches and you will hopefully be okay to speak up).


Make your bathroom a Waste-free sanctuary


1. Headphones
I have my headphones with me all the time to avoid using the crappy plastic ones they offer you on planes and tours. If you are one of these people that tends to lose their headphones, I would suggest investing in a more expensive pair. You will not be losing these babies!

2. Prepared food
It is a bit of a pain in the butt to prepare your food for flights, but it's healthier for you and to be completely honest, airplane food isn't good for you and you’re also cutting down on plastic - which is the whole aim of the game!

This is where your Tupperware container comes in handy! It does require a little bit of preparation though, so if you don't have the time to prepare all your food in advance, you can still bring your cutlery set, your cup and your reusable water bottle on board.

You can hand the plastic option straight back to the staff when they're handing you food. If you hand it back at the end when you've eaten everything it doesn't look hygienic anymore so make sure you hand it straight back to them and say “hey I'm trying to live the plastic free lifestyle so I'm just gonna give this back to you, can you please reuse this?”. They actually really appreciate it these days! The world is becoming more conscious and it's making me so freakin happy!

3. Plastic Bags for Security
You can get a more sturdy plastic bag that allows you to reuse it over and over again, instead of just having a one-time-use plastic bag.

4. Shop Locally Grown Food
Some areas of the world (for example, Asia and Iceland) import a lot of plastic packaged food! They are usually imported foods, so unfortunately they kind of have to be wrapped, but the best thing you can do to combat this problem is a try to avoid those foods and shop for the locally grown goods.

Not only are you supporting the local people in the country, but they are usually cheaper and plastic free.

If you eat meat or fish, you can take your Tupperware containers and ask them to put the fish or meat in there because it is better for the environment - and you don't want to store your fish or meat in plastic anyway.

5. Straws
Wherever you go, you have to ask for no straws when you're ordering drinks. Sometimes they bring it with straws anyway unfortunately, but all you have to do is tell them they can take it back. Of course you can bring a metal straw or a bamboo straw if you need it for medical reasons.

6. Rubbish Bags
When it comes to plastic bags sometimes we really need them for rubbish and so forth, but did you know that you can literally just put your garbage into a trash can without plastic bags? I actually never thought of this before!

Then simply wash your garbage bin whenever they take the rubbish away. If you really need to use garbage bags, you can find awesome compostable ones. They decompose so quickly, I literally put anything in there and within a couple of days it's starting to fall apart. So when you're shopping look out for proper compostable bags not the ones that takes months or years to decompose.


Sorelle’s favourite plastic free products