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I love travel. I hate tours. Let me explain.

99% of the time you become just a number where the company is trying to get you in and out as soon as humanly possible. You pray that your guide is fun and that you like them, you pray the people joining you are fun and you'll get on with them, most of the time the destinations offered are just the standard most touristy spots in the country where you have about 5 minutes to look at the sights and then go whether or not you got your perfect shot or you've had enough of the destination. Not exactly my kind of an experience.

A solo traveller since the age of 17, I always wished an experience was created where I could see the best sights of the country as recommended by locals, meet people and make life long friends, laugh too much, take breathtaking photographs in each stop, be certain that the experience doesn't hold back any of the countries best secret spots and where I don't have to sell my kidneys to pay for the adventure.

I waited for an experience like this be created. Crickets...

That's why I often chose to travel solo because there's no way you'd find me a part of a boring tour with zero emphasis or time allocated to get those Instagram worthy shots (let's face from the trip or it didn't happen).

And so finally earlier this year I overcome my fear of creating my dream tours and I called up my good friend David who is a young, fun, wise native Icelandic tour guide OBSESSED with his own country and I told him...

"We create a tour together BUT under one condition...we make it THE MOST ADVENTUROUS, FUN, HEARTWARMING AND LIFE CHANGING TOUR OF PEOPLES LIVES. Oh and we have to get great photographs of the adventure".

Once we started planning the trip, we got goosebumps all over. This is what we've both wanted to create for so long.

And so in early March 2018, I collected 12 of my followers to join me on an adventure of a lifetime, where I presented them with everything I had ever hoped for in an overseas guided experience.

The feedback was unbelievable. People loved it because they also saw the gap in the travel experiences. Insanely strong friendships were formed, amazing photographs were taken and we had SO much fun.

I figured I must be onto something when I kept getting my followers asking for more dates of these adventures. And honestly, I'm really glad because it turns out these experiences are the funnest thing I've EVER done in my life. It's my new addiction. 

And so now...I present you with yet another glorious Icelandic adventure with me!

What Others Have Said About The Tour:

Sorelle and David offered us a mindblowing view into their home. They catered the perfect locations for us, but more than that, they fostered the growth of an entire family of people. The biggest takeaway from this trip was adopting new friends and experiencing life altering moments with each and every one of them. 

- Brad (America)


I doubt anyone could provide as many photos ops and as much travel influencer expertise as Sorelle did on this trip. I can't imagine taking any other kind of tour after that amazing experience. You will definitely take more pictures this week than any other in your life. They will also be the most amazing pictures you've taken. We all made friendships to last a life time and had a lot of unforgettable experiences. Highly recommended!

- Chelsea (America)




DATES: 17/02/2019 –23/02/2019 (7 DAYS, 6 nights)

GROUP SIZE: Maximum of 12 participants. Together with myself and David who is an expert tour guide, we've figured out 12 people will be the optimal number for an enjoyable experience, small group enough for me to have enough 1-on-1 time with each person and also this group size keeps the cost of the trip seriously down...because I really don't want you to have to sell your kidneys to join.

APPLICATIONS: Applications are necessary for these workshops. I want each person to walk away from this trip feeling like they've just made life long friends. So on top of everything this tour is offering, I'm also a friendship matchmaker. No big deal.

ACCOMMODATION:  We're keeping the accommodation simple - with shared room hostels and Air BnB accommodation. We're here to create a friendly, close knit environment. Hotels don't allow a strong bond between people to be formed. Just think of all of your companions on the tour as future family members (the cool family members though).

PRICE: $2,900 USD P.P. (Approx €2,550)  
OR Two Payments of $1,550 USD P.P (Approx €1,370) Second payment due 3 weeks before tour.


  • Experiencing the best of Iceland for 7 days and 6 nights!

  • Travel with Sorelle Amore! I'll be with you every step of the way, sharing in this beautiful adventure with you

  • Lodging

  • Young, fun expert Icelandic tour guide named David

  • All transportation during the tour including airport pick up and drop off

  • Glacier hike!

  • Photography knowledge from me - I'll run you through how to capture and edit your photographs for maximum impact (landscape, aerial, portraiture etc)

  • Intense Advanced Selfie Workshop if that is your thing! Not everyone is interested in having kick ass photos of themselves, but if you do, attend this workshop and get personal training from me - including posing insights suited for you and your body!

  • Access to a private Facebook Group with all the attendees & Sorelle as soon as the applicants are selected

  • Facebook friends with Sorelle & hopefully friends for life! (Sorry...this sounds a little wanky but I have been told this is something that guys would like. hehe)


  • Airfare to/from Iceland

  • Food. You can choose to do it cheap and have all your meals bought from the supermarket, or otherwise we'll be stopping at cafes and restaurants

  • Alcoholic drinks and soft drinks

  • Travel Insurance (compulsory)

  • Tickets to the Blue Lagoon (approx 90 USD) if desired.

  • Ice Caving (approx 180 USD).

What Others have said about the EXPERIENCE

Sorelle and David are the ultimate dream team. They managed to assemble a group of strangers from around the world and create friends for life – a new family. Witnessing Iceland’s breathtaking beauty is an incredible experience itself but being able to do it with guides of their immense knowledge, skill and passion takes it to the next level. Looking at the itinerary beforehand it seemed slightly impossible to complete the amount of adventures they had planned for us, but we did it and there was more than enough time to capture beautiful photos of it all. Had I done this by myself or any other tour I wouldn’t have experienced half of it. I had tons of fun, learnt so much and felt completely safe at all times. I have made memories that will last a lifetime and would do it again in a heartbeat!
— Lisa Verwey (South Africa)
Sorelle and David’s tour was by far the best week I’ve ever had in my whole life. I mean, it was always going to be beautiful (because ICELAND), but I certainly didn’t expect to feel as different a person as I do now. Not only do I have thirteen new friends and countless memories, but I’ve also walked away from this trip with a newfound sense of confidence and strong desire to create. Sorelle and David’s unique personalities and skill sets have enabled them to create something that is so much more than a tour. It truly is an experience - an inspiring, life-changing experience - and I would urge anyone considering this trip to do it immediately. Like now. Hurry up. Go.
— Kirsten Mackenzie (Australia)


Please note. The activities listed will all be completed, but the order might have to be re-arranged pending weather conditions.

Day 1 - Arrival & Orientation

You should plan to arrive in Iceland on February 17th by 4pm latest. At night we'll go for a stroll around Reykjavik and show you the highlights of the city with local knowledge insights, followed by evening drinks and dinner at Prikid, the most famous pub in all of Iceland. We drive to our accommodation where we will be staying for the first 4 nights.

Day 2 - Golden Circle & Hot Spring Day

Depart from accommodation at 8:30. The morning is dedicated to exploring the beautiful and ever so popular Golden Circle including Gullfoss, Geysir, Þingvellir. The afternoon is about hiking up to a natural hot springs with beers in hand and relaxing in volcano heated water, surrounded by mountains. It's really incredible. Especially surrounded by snow. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.

The night at our accommodation, just like most nights during the tour will be dedicated to casually editing our photos from the day. I will be available to assist you in your editing techniques and guide you to get the most out of your photos.


Depart from accommodation at 8:30 am. We head to 3 overwhelmingly beautiful waterfalls. From there we head to Dyrholaey and the Black Sand Beach. It’s a huge day but you’ll see SO much beauty, you’ll be overwhelmed (in a good way).

Night time is dedicated to editing photos.


We start the morning off with a guided meditation by master David to bring the groups energy together. No doubt by this stage you’ll all already be besties, but hey…this meditation is a great way to start the day anyway.

The morning will be dedicated to doing an Advanced Selfie Workshop if your heart desired. (If you’re not interested in learning this, the location of the workshop is stunning and you can explore and take photos on your own).

I’ll show you how I decide on the shot, what props I use, how to frame the shot, and I’ll use a few people from the group as examples of how I would pose - teaching you the important skills of being comfortable and looking great in front of the camera!

The afternoon will be followed by the main event and mind blower - the Glacier Hike. My assistant guide - David - he is an absolute firecracker and this is one of his favourite things in the world to do, as it is mine too. We’ll have a blast standing up very high on the glacier and having plenty of time to photograph it’s beauty.

We’ll finish off the day by going to the local pool and do as the Icelanders do - soak in a spa, relax, drink a beer and chat.


Day 5 -  Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon & ICE CAVE TOUR

Day of ice, ice, ice!
We start the day exploring the huge Lava fields, Vik, a beautiful never ending canyon…
THEN…we’re off on an ice caving tour. These tours can only happen in winter as you will be standing INSIDE an ice cave. This is a once in a lifetime experience! (Unless you come back to Iceland again and again because it becomes an addiction. This is pretty common).
But that’s not all folks… we will finish up the day at Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach

Night time is dedicated for editing photos together. Or just recovering from the huge day with some wine in hand. Either option is fine ;)


We start off our morning by seeing my favourite waterfalls in Iceland (first date with my boyfriend was spent there). 
We then drive to the DC3 famous crashed plane which Justin Bieber made famous and there's a good reason for it. A long walk is required to get to the crashed plane but it's oh so worth it. 

Night time is dedicated to a very special ritual called the Native American Sweat Lodge. David has studied under numerous Elders of Indigenous Tribes from North and Central America and will guide you through chants and an internal transformation which utilises hot stones heated by a fire, stones sprinkled with essential oils and water to release their cleansing power (sounds hippy, but it's transformative, a personal challenge to get through this experience and an life changing experience everyone has to try at least once).

Day 7 - Blue lagoon & Farewell

There is no better way to end our time together after an intense, productive and life changing week together. We will relax within the aqua blue warm waters of the Blue Lagoon and smother our faces with silica which leaves you with extremely smooth & revitalised skin.  Departures overseas can begin from 3pm this day, or if you'd prefer to extend your stay in Iceland, we're happy to drop you off at your accommodation within Reykjavik.



Is this tour only for photographers?
During this tour I will be sharing photography insights I have learned over the years. The tour is aimed at improving your photography as well as experiencing the funnest Icelandic trip possible.

Therefore you must have interest in photography - beginners with basic knowledge are ok, medium to advanced knowledge is better (aka start studying all about photography now!)

Will you be teaching us how to become a travel influencer?
In the past, I taught photography AND the influencer lifestyle in one tour. I quickly learned that teaching how to be a travel influencer (or just an influencer) is impossible in a day or even a week. Therefore I have rolled back the tour to just being a photography tour to allow for greater depth into this topic (photography is one of the most important components of being an influencer anyway). HOWEVER, if you would like to ask me about the influencer life, you are of course free to do so. I’m at your service and will do my best to share with you what I can in the time we have together.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Very warm and waterproof clothing - Icelandic winter can be unforgiving with it’s intense snowfall, chill factor but more so the wind. Your clothing must keep you warm and dry as we do not stop the tour in most instances. That’s part of the Icelandic experience since it’s so common for the weather to be intense, especially in winter. HOWEVER…the beauty of Iceland during this time is worth the cold and wind EVERY time.

  • Camera & accessories

  • Swimsuit and towel

  • Waterproof and warm footwear

  • An adventurous spirit

What camera gear should I bring?

We suggest bringing a DSLR or mirrorless camera or if you're just starting with photography, your favourite camera, lenses, extra batteries, rain gear, a drone (optional) and a tripod. Even though all levels of photography are welcome, please don't bring an iPhone as your camera of choice.

What if I'm just beginning my photography journey?
Before the tour starts, I will be sending everyone information on the basics of how to use a camera, composition, the art of photography and more. For beginners, it will be crucial for you to study this information so that we can get into the good stuff of creating incredible images as soon as you're in Iceland. I will not be running over the very basics of how to use a camera on tour. You must come knowing this information already.

What if I'm quite advanced in photography already?
This experience is suitable for all levels, because everyone works at their own pace. Previous expert photographers on tour were blown away by the amount of great stops on offer, so you'll walk away with a lot of content. Iceland can also be quite tricky to photograph, so I'll be showing you the ways I've figured out to get the most out of my photographs there over time. 

However be aware you’ll be surrounded by all levels of photography and there’s even a chance I won’t be able to teach you anything extra if you are already that advanced. However, if you like my work, perhaps there is something that draws you to how I composite photographs or my editing. This is all that you can study from me to improve your game even more. As we all know as photographers - this is a never ending journey of growth and learning.

Do I need a visa?

It’s crucial that you check with your embassy in order to confirm if you need to apply for a visa ahead of time.

Can we stay longer before/after the workshop?

Most certainly. If you would like a few extra days of exploring Iceland and utilising your new found photography tips, you can stay as long as your visa allows. I will be happy to make suggestions of locations to visit after the workshop if you decide to explore Iceland further! It’s an amazing country with many worthy places to see! Please note: If you arrive outside of the tour dates, the drop off and pick up from the airport does not apply and you'll have to organise your own transport from the airport. This is quite simple however and I'll assist you in doing so.

What will the weather be like?

Iceland has very unpredictable weather, however I can guarantee at no point will it be hot, therefore please ensure you pack appropriately with thermal wear, warm jackets, appropriate waterproof boots, gloves, warm head gear, protective eye wear from the wind. You have to have a full waterproof set as well (pants, jackets and shoes).

Am I guaranteed to see the Northern Lights?

We will be traveling during peak season for the Northern Lights. I wish I could give you a schedule of when Mother Nature is expecting to run her Aurora activity, however this isn’t quite so straight forward as this schedule doesn’t exist. Northern Lights is all about luck. David and I will be closely watching the forecast and even if the lights are expected at 3am, you can be sure we’ll be waking you up, because sleep comes secondary to this beautiful natural light show in the sky.

Payment Plan

The second half of the payment is due 3 weeks outside of the experience.

Cancellation Fees

Unfortunately due to the involved logistics & up front costs of these events we have a strict no refund and no cancellation policy regardless of circumstance. If you need to cancel we will happily help you try to find a replacement for your spot, and if we can find one you will be refunded in full minus a service charge of $250 but only in the event that a replacement is found. We strongly urge you to buy travel insurance and to be sure you can make it before you book. 

What health and fitness level is needed for this tour?

We are quite active throughout the week and do move quickly at times. There are also a few hikes that require some moderate incline climbing, therefore a good level of health is advised but you don't have to be Arnie (Mr're welcome to come along though).

What is the age restiction for the tour?

Participants must be 18 years of age at the commencement of the tour.

Sorelle and David brought out the best in each and every individual on the tour. Both on a photographic stand point, as well as on a personal level. The overall tour was nothing short of magical, with Sorelle’s guidance and positive energy, David’s wisdom and spirituality, they made the perfect team to accomplish the tour. It was by far the best thing I have done for myself professionally as well as personally. The experiences and people on the tour allowed me to bring it all together to see a bigger picture that wasn’t quite as clear before I arrived. The openness and positivity that each projected made it simple for everyone to feel comfortable to open up. I am leaving Iceland lighter, happier and a better person than when I first arrived, thanks to Sorelle, David and every single person who attended the trip. The chemistry and life long relationships that I have made make my heart full and give me pure joy. It’s absolutely insane how after a week I now have so much love, respect and appreciation for each soul that encountered. Not to mention a wealth of support from each person going here on out. If you’re thinking about attending The Sorelle Experience, come with an open mind and a heart. Be ready to push yourself and surprise yourself. Be ready to feel all the emotions and let Iceland, Sorelle and David guide you to a surreal experience.
— Christopher S. Malinauskas (America)
If you ever have the opportunity to travel with Sorelle and David... stop thinking. Just do it. These two are truly magical souls and the experience will change your life in more ways than one. I cannot recommend this experience enough. You will laugh harder than you have ever laughed, see the world in a way you’ve never imagined, make lifelong friends, cry a little bit, and be in utter disbelief with the serene beauty of the most magical country on the planet.
— Kyle Meshna (American in Ireland)


Sorelle & David have been friends for over 3 years. David was one of the first people Sorelle met when she first landed in Iceland. Together they have learned from each other and grown immensely, as well as having a great friendship dynamic. Both are highly energetic and life loving individuals.

Sorelle Amore

Sorelle Amore is a YouTuber and professional adventurer with endless career successes and media coverage.

Living life with the core belief of buy less stuff and experience more, Sorelle uses her social media to inspire people to fall in love with life and adventure and the world. 

Previously, Sorelle was the winner of the ThirdHOME 'Best Job On The Planet' viral competition, where out of 17,000 applicants she was chosen to travel the world for 3 months to 12 luxurious homes and vlog, photograph and write about her experience, whilst getting paid $10,000 USD a month.

Since the end of the competition, Sorelle has continued to create YouTube videos and has continued to travel the world full-time photographing it’s beauty and taking her Advanced Selfies wherever she goes.

In 2018 alone, Sorelle grew to having over 615,000 YouTube subscribers and over 340,000 followers on her Instagram. She has spoken on stages along side of Peter McKinnon and Dan Mace.

Sorelle Glacier Photos from Kyle-32.jpg

David The Guide was born in Iceland and lived overseas for a number of years before returning to his native land. Even though he loves travel, he realises Iceland has something very special to offer and therefore decided to became a tour guide out of pure thirst of knowledge for his own land and people. That spawned into being one of Iceland elite tour guides.  

Not only is he a young, fun, adventurous guide with qualifications to climb glaciers, he's also on a spiritual path, developing his skills as a Shaman and studying under numerous Elders of Indigenous Tribes from North and Central America.  Furthermore he is trained in meditation and is a teacher in this field, leading others to internal self awareness and relaxation.

David is an incredible individual and highly intuitive. Conversations with him about life are like a big warm hug.

This tour exceeded my expectations. Not only was I able to see more of Iceland than normal tours, I had the amazing opportunity to further my photography as well as myself. Sorelle curated an amazing group of individuals and it was magical how well we connected. This tour was about growth. I felt it. It was intense, fun, beautiful, breath taking (literally), fast paced and informative. It gave me the opportunity to learn how to grow my personal brand and pursue the life I feel led to.
This was my first time leaving the country, and I was very weary at first. But as soon as Sorelle and David picked me up I knew I was in the best hands to see what Iceland had to offer. I would go on this tour 100 more times if I could, you will never find another duo like them to show you around the country. David and Sorelle’s knowledge about Iceland is something that you can not find anywhere else. This trip has truly changed my life!
— Jayne Kuhn (America)

Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.


Can't wait to travel with you!
Sorelle Amore