Are things really as they seem or are some HIDING because of this...

This video I posted was received with a very wide range of opinions. Some loved it, some hated it, some didn’t understand. The last two days on my social media it’s been a whirlwind. I’ve been sitting back and observing everything as it’s unfolding and learning about us as humans, women, communities and individuals.

I’m creating this post to clarify a few points that have been brought up. Firstly, I’ll acknowledge that this video wasn’t created to the best of it’s abilities and it was more or less a rant. I could have for sure worded it better to ensure there could have been no confusion. I will say that I probably just spoke in the frustrated state I was in which wasn’t clear to understand. That’s 20 years of pent up frustration that was finally unleashed.

I’ll also say that I never expected this video to be loved by all. It’s not a popular opinion and I know those that have no idea where this video is coming from, it’s because it’s never been something that’s never tormented you inside and that’s awesome news.

The literal underlying message of this entire video which I could have shared in one sentence was this:

I don’t want the media and societal norms to keep representing women as just fashion and beauty obsessed individuals only.

I want to see women represented in a different light. OF COURSE we can love fashion and beauty, I don’t blame anyone for that. I personally love looking good too. It’s about 10% of what I focus on though so why should my entire value be based on my looks, as is so according to the media and societal norms.

I don’t want the Kardashians of the world to be the biggest ‘role models’ for women today. And since their following is so enormous, that is literally what is happening. Millions of women around the world believe that they have to spend all their time, energy and money on superficiality.

And I know what some people will say. That the Kardashians are very clever business people and should be applauded for this. I would agree to a degree. I admire the business and financial empire that they have created. It’s smart. But what I don’t appreciate it is that they are exploiting young women and men to get their attention using a mind numbing show, taking their money using very expensive products which are wrapped in endless packaging that is not good for the environment (clothing, makeup).

Why can’t you be successful AND do good for the world?

In the video I also mention the ‘pink and delicate’ aspects. Of course you can be pink and delicate and still a powerful, badass momma. But how about sprinkling a little bit of extra into the mix and not just limiting us to that sphere. Some women aren’t like this and it’s a battle to constantly watch music videos, TV shows and movies and see only one type of women represented.

This is where this video is coming from.

I knew there would be some offence. I’m disappointed in myself in a way that I did word it the way I did - let’s take for example the part where I talk about my little sister. If she genuinely wanted to dress up and wear pink when she grows up, so be it! But I just want her to know she doesn’t have to (but yes, if she loves this stuff, I’ll of course love her just as much).

I also have a best friend who literally runs a business that is all about pink and glitter and dress up and sparkles. I totally support this business because I see how many lives this business has changed and how my friend helps women feel beautiful. So I get that this kind of aspect of women is important too and I worked in this business myself and I loved it.

So all in all…I’m not saying this video was right. Some aspects are horrible and my frustrated self should not have said it the way I did.

In the same breath, the amount of women that have messaged me and told me this video made them feel like they could actually finally rest knowing they are not weird, that they are not born into the wrong body, that they are ok being a tomboy again (which isn’t misogyny - so many people have said that just because I’m a tomboy it’s misogyny which I don’t understand that point at all) - the video got through to the people it was meant to.

As I said at the start, I knew this video would divide and I hate that it did so. But perhaps the tomboys of the world needed to hear this and next time, I’ll take a breath and word my stuff better to ensure I express myself properly.

All in all, thank you for all the comments, feedback, discussions and the lessons within all this. I’m amazed by the community that is open to discussing this further and not unleashing with hate. Discussions will change the world so congratulations for using this tool.

Much love,
Sorelle Amore