ADVANCED SELFIE CHALLENGE: Holiday Self Portrait Ideas (Bali AirBnB Edition)

Hi there humans!

Today's concept is a little bit unique, As you guys know, I’m a Digital Nomad and for the last 15 or 16 months I've been traveling full time - that means i’ve stayed in a lot of different houses!

You guys keep saying “hey Sorelle, I really want to see where you're staying. Can we have a house tour?” but I felt kind of strange doing a house tour of an Airbnb!

That was until today! I decided that I'm going to do the advanced selfie Airbnb challenge, which is going to include two things:
1. Me finally giving you the house tour you have been asking for!
2. Photographing in this incredible Airbnb at the same time! (And you know me -

I like to do the advanced selfies in a very unique artistic way and never want my photographs to look normal! I want to capture the artistic side of things, I want people to be wowed, I want the photographs to seem like they belong in an art gallery or magazine.

Sometimes I don't succeed, I do admit that, but I'm working on it and today is absolutely no exception to that!

Here are my top tips for getting the best advanced holiday selfies you’ve ever seen.

1. Examine Your surroundings
Take a good look at what you’ve got right in front of you, then think about how you can photograph it in a more artistic way. Look at something ‘normal’ and figure out how you can make it really strange. Go for weird locations, artistic angles, crazy body poses, different editing - anything that can make it look as Vogue as possible.


2.  When it comes to clothing, keep it simple
Stay away from patterns, logos and prints. The easiest thing to work with is black, always.

I love to find textures and materials to photograph with, so for this shot I decided to use a mosquito net. Play around with it and take test shots. I loved the look when I came through from the back. This is the photograph I came out with in the end!


I really love this door in my Airbnb, I think it's so beautiful and rich in colour and texture - and of course, anything looks good with wood. I’ve had this up-cycled rubber tire bracelet for so long, , so I added it in front of the lens to add interest to the photograph. Adding objects or textures in front of the camera can turn a bland photo into something far more interesting!


3. Keep an eye out for interesting details about the house
Sometimes the most interesting parts of the accommodation, might not be the most common places to takes photos in, but you should use these unique characteristics to get the perfect shot.

In this case, the staircase was the perfect place for a photo shoot! I have also been very much loving awkward angles lately in my photographs. Awkward locations mixed with awkward angles is a recipe for fantastic art.

Shout-out to boyfriend for holding the leaf today! Superb job :-P

Shout-out to boyfriend for holding the leaf today! Superb job :-P

How could I talk about interesting locations without mentioning the house bridge!

How could I talk about interesting locations without mentioning the house bridge!

I have to admit, I love these photos! Yes they're a little bit sexy, but I really enjoy bringing out my feminine side every now and again.

As always my photographs are edited with the Hipster AF preset pack. Most of these photographs are edited with the typewriter preset and I freaking love how it makes them look!

If you want to find out how to get the most from these presets, you can find a tonne of information in my Advanced Selfie University, where I created 26 videos breaking down everything you need to know to take your perfect Advanced Selfies.


I would love to know what you guys think of my advanced selfies and what you would like to see from me next (I’m always up for a challenge)!

Until next time guys, peace!