I tried Tim Ferriss' NIGHTTIME ROUTINE for Optimal Relaxation and Sleep

Let's talk about routines.

Specifically we're talking about the nighttime routine of Tim Ferris. I decided to challenge myself to take on this routine over the last 7 days, and found some fascinating results!

Here’s a really quick back story, because a lot of people often ask me what is the point of having a routine. At the beginning of the year I had the zero routine. I travel full time and I'm a Digital Nomad, which means that I was really scattered, with no concrete routine at all.

With this lack of structure, I noticed that my productivity and creativity was really suffering. Basically I was just flailing through life and I really didn't like it.

I heard a lot of the greats talking about how having a nighttime routine actually helps them to be more productive and creative, because having a routine ensures that their machine (aka the body) is functioning properly and getting everything it needs, so it frees up mind space for everything else.


“there's actually a bunch of psychology theory that even making small decisions around what you wear or what you eat for breakfast or things like that they kind of make your tired and consume your energy I really want to clear my life to make it said I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community”

So with that, I started researching routines. At first I wanted to start with the morning routine. I came across the Tim Ferris routine and I freaking fell in love with the concept of it! As soon as I trialled it, it completely altered my life.

From that, I recently started observing myself again and I noticed that at night time, I was really horrible to myself. I would go to bed really late and the last thing I would do is look at my phone (bad idea because not only does the blue light damages your brain but it also interrupts with sleep).

I wanted to look after my body as best I could, so I decided to research nighttime routines and of course, I turned to Tim Ferris once again.

I also asked you guys on instagram whether you had a nighttime routine and 60% of you said no. Another 60% of you said that you don't feel like your sleep is very good. This was enough evidence to conclude that maybe nighttime routines have something to do with having a good night's sleep!


The Tim Ferris Nighttime Routine:

1. The first thing he does is makes a tea from one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, unfiltered and adds one to two tablespoons of raw honey. You can also add decaffeinated tea for flavor.

“It knocks you out like that!” - Tim Ferris

2. When he's having his tea he's also reading a nonfiction book

“I’m not gonna read something like a nonfiction business book that's going to keep my problem-solving apparatus in sixth gear.”

3. Then the lucky bugga soaks in his soaking tub with Epsom salt. He intersperses this with sauna and cold plunge pool rounds.

4. during the soaking-type sessions he drinks water with ice, while listening to an audio book - and apparently that knocks him out straight away.

Mr. Ferris certainly has a lot of cool equipment in his house, so I've had to find solutions therefore that mimic his routine without me having the equipment. What I figured out is that a local gym just down the road have the saunas and the cold pool that I can plunge into.

Afterwards when I get home, I can have a bath as well, do my tea and listen to audiobooks. In your local area, I'm sure you can find the same solution too, so this is a definitely accessible for all of us.



1. Tea Verdict… It's amazing, it tastes delicious and it really does work!

2. Soaking in a tub or a bath in my instance at nighttime is beautiful and it helps you unwind massively. Taking time to be alone is a really beautiful way to honor yourself.

3. I love that through this routine there is no time for the phones. I'm forced off my telephone and I really appreciate that.

4. Honestly this sauna wasn't my favorite part. I don't know if I appreciated sweating that much at nighttime... it wasn't so pleasurable. However it did exhaust me so I guess it did the purpose that it's meant to.

5. Drinking a solid bottle of water was great! To constrain that I had baths and saunas, I was definitely a little bit dehydrated, so I didn't have to pee throughout the night very much :-P I've just replaced the water into my body and I woke up super hydrated.

6. I love listening to the audio books at nighttime because it was just this final weight on in my brain. I loved that I was giving it just a little bit of nourishment, but nothing too hard to digest.


1. I think overall I've really loved that this routine detaches you and gives you a set way for your body to know that you’re going to bed, so it helps to unwind a lot faster.

2. I love the 60-minute mark. The fact that you know you're going to sleep in 60 minutes really supports your body and mind to start winding down. This definitely helps to sleep better and more effectively.

3. I love the no phone. I love the bath. I love the tea. I love the audiobooks and I love everything. I love life!

That's me done! Short and simple, but I just wanted to specify the importance of a night time routine. I don't think enough of us actually utilise this. You have less decisions to make and let's face it we’re all a bit exhausted, especially in the adult life, so just set up routines for yourself. It doesn't have to be exactly like this one.

I want you guys to be as productive and creative as possible and live a really great life! Let me know if you have a night time routine already. If you don't, would you consider taking aspects of this one, or would you do the full thing?

I will be reading all the comments on here and this is my Instagram if you would like to see more! Until next time guys - PEACE.