HOW TO POSE MALE MODELS - 5 Simple Photo Posing Tips For Men

You guys have been asking for this video for the longest time, so here it is - finally! :)

For today’s very special episode of ‘HOW TO POSE IN PHOTOGRAPHS- Male Edition!’ We have an extra special model! Introducing Boyfriendo!

The actual truth is Leon hasn't been in front of the camera that much, actually he hates it!

Although on the weekend we did our first ever photoshoot together - a ‘couple advanced selfie’ photoshoot and he did amazingly well.

So today we're gonna be running you through different poses that you can do for male models in case you're kind of confused as to what to do in front of the camera.

Guys have it a little bit more limited the girls, girls have so many different possibilities for poses, but it doesn't matter - you guys are gonna own it!

male posing tips


You want to make yourself look stronger and more fierce, it’s all about that fierceness baby!

The way you can do this is by...
- Including sharp body angles
- Lessening any curves
- Bold facial expressions
- Leaning into the camera
- Being photographed from lower angles to signify dominance

But as you guys know, I'm all about breaking the rules, so if you feel like making a more ‘welcoming’ photograph, this is exactly what I want you guys to be doing. Break the stereotypes.

It is a bit boring but these are the general guidelines for male posing as it's been done throughout history.


#1 - Lean casually against a wall, bend your leg and put your foot against the wall, then fold your arms.

#2 - Turn 45 degrees onto the camera

#3 - Stand straight onto the camera

male posing tips


#1 - One leg outstretched, one bent.

#2 - Drape your arms casually over your knee, remember to keep your fingers loose.

#3 - Lean forward and rest your arms on your knees.

#4 - One foot on top of the knee & ensure that you keep your arms relaxed at all times.

male posing tips


#1 - One hand and pocket, one relaxed.

#2 - Play with your rings, play with your watch, play with your hair.

male posing tips


Once your body is in position, shift your head in tiny movements, up, down, side to side, to experiment with different head positions.

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 16.04.58.png


This was the funniest part of making this whole video with Leon! He found it so difficult to get the facial expressions right. I found it difficult in the beginning too, so I actually left my facial expressions for a very very long time, until I became quite comfortable in front of camera.

If you're not comfortable doing facial expressions, then don't do them and stand further away from the camera. Focus on your body positioning at first and when you get more comfortable you just move a little bit closer to the camera. Don't stress if you can't get your facial expressions on point, focus on the body, break it down into sections, start mastering every section one at a time.

male posing tips


Here are some things I've learned from working with a male ‘model’ :-P  

Posture is extremely important, you want to make sure that you are standing as straight as possible.

For anyone, guys, girls, no matter who you are, you're probably gonna have a favorite side of your face, so figure out what that is by standing in front of the mirror, taking selfies over yourself to figure out what side of your face you love the most.

As always, all of my photographs have been edited using my preset pack! L

That's all that me and boyfriendo have time for, the Sun is setting and we're gonna sit and enjoy the sunset now. Thank you very much for tuning in, here's my Instagram if you'd like to check out more. Here’s Leon’s Instagram if you would like to check out his stuff and until next time, PEACE!