6 Valuable Life Lessons From a World Traveller For A Happier Life

I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this topic because I feel like the wisdom that young people have is so significant and it is dismissed.

It's not like I'm dismissing wisdom from people that are older, I do agree they have a lot of wisdom, but I don't like that we're told always listen to older people because they always know best.

I think that's a recipe for a disaster because the innate self knowing and your intuition kind of gets overshadowed by this belief that older people always know better.

Listen to yourself as much as possible. Whenever there's information presented to you, I would just double check with your intuition, and this goes for every age. We always have to go back and check in with ourselves so that you don't get some stupid annoying lessons being shoved into your brain that aren't actually for you.

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Life Lessons from a World Traveller


First and foremost I think it's important to be in an attitude of gratitude, so I want to say thank you very much for enduring the young years and the teenager years. You went through so many highs and so many lows and you did it quite well and I'm very proud of you.

I'm not gonna say that those experiences were good or bad because they were just lessons. I think both of those waves taught you an immense amount about yourself and to rid you of 50% of that experience would be devastating to who you are right now.

Understand that pain is part of the divine, because a life without emotions is not a life to be lived.


This is a lesson for my younger self, right up to last week, because this has been haunting me for the longest time.

I'm constantly wanting to be somebody, because who I am apparently is not enough.

You are loved just as you are. You don't need to have things, be somebody, have a following, have a business - you don't need to do anything. Your value is already perfect as it is. The minute you're born, you are whole you're great, what you do from there is for enjoyment.

You are loved no matter what you have or haven't done my love.
I know that you're gonna compare, it is part of human nature to do so, but at some stage you have to realize that it's not doing you any good.

Someone is gonna be doing better than you always and that's great because it gives you something to strive for. The only way you'll know that you're on the right path for you and not trying to compare and live someone else's life is if you become your own best friend.

Take yourself out on dates, talk to yourself, cuddle yourself, look after yourself, have special time with yourself. It's all about looking after yourself because that is the only way you're gonna know if your intuition is saying certain things to you that you are probably ignoring.

Don't compare, listen to what's here.

Life Lessons from a World Traveller

Now let me mix it up a little… here’s some of the lessons my younger self can teach me about the present.

I wish you would listen to your intuition more. You knew exactly what you wanted, except you stalled because you were listening to other people's opinions way too much - what the hell??

You allowed them to tell you that what you were doing was dumb and it was silly and there was no reason for it. You were worried that maybe you won't look cool or it will be a failure, but you knew exactly what you wanted to do.

Luckily after five years was stolen, you actually pursued YouTube and now it's awesome. I'm really glad you did, but imagine if you started earlier, what difference would it have been?

You listen to yourself miss! You know exactly what you want, so just go for it!

& how about the other dream that you've been stalling for 16 years? Maybe it's time to start now, because what's the other option? Constant regret like you have right now? Just saying!

I don't know about you Sorelle, but I remember very clearly the days when you used to go to the beach for an entire day and spend it without thinking about what was happening on the online world (because there was no online world!) and it was fabulous my darling!

Life doesn't happen inside your phone. I do understand it's a battle that the whole world is going through right now but please put it down and live a little because you need it.

Life is a thousand times better when there are other people involved. It’s such a pity that you let all of your old friends go. You said that you were too busy, that you didn't have time, that they wouldn't understand you anymore, and you were traveling the world, oh well.

Loneliness doesn't look good on you. People are gonna still love you Sorelle, if you're vulnerable. You’re scared of doing it but you're allowed to say that you're sad or upset and people are still gonna love you for who you are.

Don't be afraid and don't be too busy.

I kind of cried a little bit when I was running out these points, it really hit home for me so this is a really interesting exercise for me to do. I hope you enjoyed it. Until next time guys, PEACE.