How to Hack Your Emotional State - Become a Queen (Or King)

This is basically how I see myself whenever I'm in Queen mode. Image by  @sherbetbirdie_photography

This is basically how I see myself whenever I'm in Queen mode.
Image by @sherbetbirdie_photography

Too often we wake up in a shitty mood and don't know how to get out of it.

The sun is shining, you can still breathe, you have food on the table, you have a roof over your head, but your mood is SOUR!

How on Earth to get out of this mood and into a more productive, fun and loving state. Go to sleep and hope it goes away? 

I guess that's one way. But there's another, much easier way.

You program yourself to have an emotional trigger.

Your brain is basically a computer and it's wired a certain way through your learnings, environment, input from internal and external sources. But it can also be rewired to suit your needs.

I noticed recently my confidence was quite low. Not for a particular reason, but I think over time I had let a few very vital confidence pieces of mine slip away. I started dressing worse, mumbling, not making decisions and relying on my boyfriend to make them for me, slouching and more. All of these things are signs of low confidence.

What initially started off as laziness, slowly rewired my brain to link these to low confidence. The longer I did it, the lower my confidence was.

One day I woke up and I had enough. Where was that fiery, spicy, excited for life, loud, sexy, center of attention girl? I missed her.

And then I discovered this emotional programming.

It works on the basis that you think back to one of the times when you were the most confident in your life. For me I thought back to about 3.5 years ago when I flew down to visit a guy friend that I made out with every now and again. I was out shopping for the day in the town and looking damn fine. I had amazing red lipstick, hair in a shleak bun, faux leather jacket. I felt on fire.

I also had another guy friend in that city that was always ultra confident whenever we were around each other and I loved that about him. But I thought he was out of my league. 

On this day however, I was shopping away, drinking some wines throughout the day and my confidence was high. Then I caught up with this ultra confident guy and the minute he walked in to the bar, I had him wrapped around my little pinky. I dictated how the conversations went, I cracked the best jokes, I sat seductively looking at him and when I was ready, I pulled him towards me without hesitation and I kissed him. He was impressed by my confidence. Few kisses later, I got up, got my things and walked out.

I haven't seen him since but I sure as hell left a great impression.

Then I wandered back to meet my other guy friend and kissed him too. Double whammy.

Thinking back to how I felt this day, I'm never sure what overtook me, but I was completely in control of my feelings, desires, feminine power, confidence and my life.

I call this 'character' from that day Queen.

And so I use my emotional programming to get me back to that state.

I think for any female, tapping into her feminine power is recommended. This is a power that moves and shakes. You yourself know how intriguing it is when you see a woman navigating through life without hesitation and knows she owns the world.

Just think of Beyonce for example.

I'm obviously not talking here about seduction only. The feminine power is so much more than that.

How To Program Your Emotional Trigger:

'QUEEN COMING THROUGH' Image by  @lauramannersdesign  Jacket by  @birdbirdbirdbirdisthe

Image by @lauramannersdesign
Jacket by @birdbirdbirdbirdisthe

When I was ready to program myself as a 'Queen' to pull on her emotional state when I needed to, I thought about this moment in the bar and me being in control and confident. I remembered all the details and smells and the exact state I was feeling. Everything I could remember in as much detail as I could.

Then whatever I'm feeling in that moment, I allow my body to do a physical action that can be easily recreated.

For me I naturally wanted to pound my chest with my fists (above the princesses, I'm not here to cause myself pain) and at the same time I also thought of a word that came to me for the state I was feeling. 

Naturally the word became Queen.

And so I pound my chest once (like Tarzan or a Viking) and I say 'Queen'. Then I increase the energy around it not once, but twice. 

In the end I'm loudly saying 'Queen' (almost screaming) and the pound to my chest is almost like a warriors sign. Powerful with unwavering confidence.

Does this emotional trigger work?

This morning in front of the mirror I decided to bring my queen to work. I have a lot of great work to do and needed her by my side. 

I did my emotional trigger and when I got in the Queen state of mind, I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror. I could see so clearly on my face that she was here. Her eyes were focused, determined, sexy, strong and confident.

This is when I knew that this trigger works 100%.

When can you use this emotional trigger? 

When you're low on confidence, roll out of bed in a shitty mood, if you're about to go in for a job interview, if you've just failed at something massively and you feel like a loser, if you're working on a project and it seems to all be going wrong...all of these times are great for you to bring back your peak-confidence self to remind you of how great you are.

Once're completely in control of your life and emotions. Of course sometimes circumstances in your life are really tough and you just want to curl up in bed and cry. 

Do that...but there has to be a point when you say enough is enough and you shake yourself out of the sad, victim space and take control.

Because after all, this is your life, you are shaping it to be your ultimate reality and nobody, not even you should get in the way.

Lots of love to you all, 

From Queen Sorelle Amore

Image by @sherbetbirdie_photography

Image by @sherbetbirdie_photography