Why You Look Ugly in Photos - And 6 Ways to Fix it

We are costantly bombarded with these polished, perfect images on the daily of models and social media celebrities. And then you go ahead and look at your grainy, poorly lit selfie of yourself and you think “I’m so ugly”. 

Have you ever thought about the fact that they have a whole team of people behind them to make them look spectacular?

Well this video is all about giving you guidelines so you can bring yourself up to scratch and look your absolute finest. And then, when you’re comparing images of models to your perfectly polished images, I can guarantee you there will be no gap in beauty. It’s comparing apples to apples and that is now a level playing field.

After this video, you’ll walk away with a guideline of:

  • how to pose optimally for your features

  • basic retouching skills to polish your photos to bring them up to the magazine standard

  • finding the right outfits for your body shape

  • finding the right colourings for your skin tone

  • beginner steps of how to embrace what you have

Now ok, I’m hearing all these critics saying “another beauty video, here we go".

Of course woman are much more than our looks. But we all agree - when we look fine, we feel fiiiine. So we might as well look our best and then resume conquering and improving the world.
So, without further adieu, let’s get into it. 

1) We all want great photos of ourselves but if you’re like me, you’re scared shitless to pose in front of others. It’s awkward as fuck. So I’ve learned and perfected the craft of taking photos of myself. Go ahead  and watch my video here on this topic.

2) How to pose yourself

Time to get friendly with the mirror and if needed, use your phone to take photos of yourself from different angles. These are some of my tips to learn your best angles:

  • Most of us have one side of the face that we prefer more. For me, it’s my right, so most of my photos are taken from that angle or I love straight on. Find out what that is for you. Yes it feels weird staring at yourself in the mirror, but you need to get to know the best side of you.

  • Learn about lighting. I mean - can we agree that this selfie looks better than this one. Wherever possible, use loads of natural sunlight. And if there are shadows, they shouldn’t be cutting across any major features on your face. Don’t create a weirdly shaped nose for yourself, don’t create bags under your eyes, if you have a double chin, pull your chin forward.

  • As for the body, general guidelines is stand straight, pull your shoulders down, turn your body at a 45 degree angle to the camera.

  • There’s a TONE of videos on how to pose on YouTube so get researching. Find a woman that is your body shape on YouTube that does posing tutorials and follow what she says.

As for retouching, watch the video here on a thorough beginners tutorials to making your images magazine standard. 

3) Bbody shape - learn your body shape and what clothing works best for you.

Again, that means familiarising yourself with the mirror. What is your body shape? Mine is a column, no ass, no hips, no butt. So I research online what I can wear as a column.

4) Skin tone will dictate what clothes look best on you.

So find out what your skin tone is and then chose colours only in that category. I got a professional swatch test done for my skin tone years ago by a stylist so you can either do that with your local stylist or research online your skin tone.

5) What message are you trying to present about yourself

Basically watch Love, Lust or Run episodes and you’ll understand that what you wear will provide people with a different impression of you. Right now I look like an artist, but if I need to look pro, I’ll put on my big girl outfit. Your clothes say a lot about you. Are your clothes saying what you want about you?

6) Embrace what you have

So many of us think that the grass is greener on the other side - some days I desperately want curves, some curvy woman desperately want to be petite and so on and so forth.
It’s important to find role models that look like you to learn what will look good on you.

This is the part you have to put your blinders on and just focus on what your momma gave you.

I can’t sit and wish for hips forever because it aint gonna happen. Just roll with what you have.

Some role models for curvy girls - Micheline Pitt. Role models for large girls - Tess Halliday, Role Models for all girls - Winnie Harlow just for generally being a goddess.  I look at Ruby Rose as inspiration as I see her style matching mine.

I honestly believe that style and beauty is a process. Stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers all learn the staples of what they do, once they master that, then they add their own flare.

For you now, I would start at the beginning, master the basics and then work up from there.

I just want you to feel your best girl. You deserve it.

But this is all the basics to make you aware of what you need to do and now it’s up to you to research and bring it all to life, specially for your look.

Ain’t no woman called ugly on my watch!

We’re not. We’re all goddesses.

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