Fake Yourself Flawless - Beginner Retouching Secrets in Photoshop

Beginners Retouching & Sculpting for Face, Skin, Eyes & Hair in Photoshop 

In a world that's always trying to crush us and make us feel bad in order to purchase the 'latest' and 'greatest' products, we hear a lot of criticism, but honestly, it's not true. And the older you get, the more comfortable you become with yourself and the more you learn how to look your absolute best, in a way that you're comfortable, the less you care about this pressure put onto you. 

Never compare yourself to models and celebrities. They have teams of people behind them to assist in making them look their absolute best. You very rarely see any selfies of celebrities in a bad light, without make up etc. Yes...there is a small percentage of extremely beautiful people in the world. That's their gift and that's great. We have our own gifts.  

It's nothing against celebrities and models for always presenting themselves perfectly - it's their job. And it's your job to not allow this to get to you and with these retouching insights, you'll understand how to make yourself flawless in seconds, so you can stop comparing your raw photos to professionally edited photos of models. It's just not fair.

If you would like, please submit your photos to my email address listed at the end of the video and I will retouch them and make a video out of it. I'm not sure if anyone would like this done to their photos, the changes will be only minor and I will be very sensitive and delicate, so don't worry. I'll just polish your photos a little. 

I hope you find this video helpful. Let me know what other videos you'd love to see from me. 

Sorelle Amore