ADVANCED SELFIE CHALLENGE: Tiny Room Self Portraits (7 Easy Selfie Ideas)

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This is the first time I'm revealing my new goal and dream of where I want to take these Advanced Selfies! I'm very exited to just give this dream a crack. 

But in order for me to be good enough to take Advanced Selfies for a huge and luxury brand, I really have to get really, really good at these self-portraits. 

And luckily, you guys are coming along on the ride with me and I'll be teaching you everything I possibly can about advanced selfies along the way so you can get better for yourself too!

In this challenge, I'm working with a really tiny hotel room and trying to get the most out of the room. It was super hard!

The lighting wasn't amazing, it was hard to get my camera in the right areas I needed to. But here are the results!

I'm excited what came out of them. Please let me know which shot is your favourite! 
I hope you enjoyed this video!