I’m giving up the digital nomad life and never going back

I didn’t realise how many different can of worms a single video could open. My burnt out video I mentioned my houseless lifestyle is not conducive to productivity and fulfilment.

Some people became very frustrated over this since I’ve previously spoken a lot about being a nomad and how I think everyone should strive for this.

Quick explanation of what a digital nomad is:

“Digital nomads are a type of people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner. Such workers often work remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces, or recreational vehicles”. Aka - location independent

Quick backstory of my digital nomad life:

Moving home between every 1-3 days or 2/3 weeks MAX. The longest I stayed in one spot was three weeks. I’ve lived in around BLEH houses and hotels last year.

This is an EXTREME level of being a nomad and this isn’t the only way. And I’ve learned through trial and error over the last 18 months that this is not working for me anymore.

Does this mean I’m never going to be a digital nomad again?

No! I’m always going to be one, at least for the foreseeable future. I want to find stability in a home - get a house or  live in a house for 3 months at a time instead of moving all the time so I can set up better routines for myself and meet people.

Again…digital nomad means location independent. I don’t need to GO to work. My work is with me if I have a laptop. I can travel whenever I want.

So do I still recommend this lifestyle? Hell yes. YES. Absolutely YES!

I want people to be able to do their jobs from the beach or a cafe instead of a crappy cubicle. Some companies are catching on that productivity is greater when their employees work from wherever you want, but too many companies are still so damn old school that they restrict you to working in a little prison, with no windows and no plants and a scheduled time when you’re allowed to have a break.

I don’t think this is humane. I want everyone to live their best life, so yes…I vouch for the nomad life and the travel life. But not necessarily this extreme life I’ve lived.

Humans evolve and learn through experiences. This is one of those times where my opinion has evolved to what suits me better.

Now that the most intense travel period of my life is complete, here are some things that full time travel for 2 years taught me:

  • It’s boring eating out all the time 

  • Treasure friendships majorly

  • Making money remotely is a pass for freedom and necessary even if you don’t plan on traveling 

  • Minimalism stays with you as you’ve learned that high quality lasts longer and brings you happiness 

  • Pushes you to seek adventure and not get comfortable 

  • more open minded towards other peoples cultures and life

  • satisfies the ‘what if’ itch. Whether I ever choose to travel as much as I have previously, I now don’t have any regret for what if. 

  • I have seen so much of the world and experienced what the world is like REALLY instead of what I’m told in the media

What I will be doing differently from now on as a more typical digital nomad?

  • I’ll choose to stay in a place between 1-3 months at a time and explore all the surroundings and truly experience the country. I used to travel to say I’ve been there instead of taking my time to see it all. Shallow travel vs travel with depth.

  • stay strict about my routines - my morning routine, food routine, work out routine

  • make extra time for friends, no matter where I am in the world - that includes catch ups, calling my friends more often for no reason other than to say hi, send them gifts

  • meet new people everywhere I am and try to make strong connections asap - I’m currently trying to best friend a group of my Krav Maga teachers and students. I sometimes probably come across as a psycho, but…whatever.

  • continue refining my business and growing it so I never, ever have to go back to working for someone else.

I know a lot of people will say ‘you’re lucky, you’re special, you’re privileged, you’re this or that’. I want to remind all those people that I didn’t grow up in a wealthy home. We weren’t well off. But what my family gave me was knowledge, a different way of thinking and encouragement to seek another way than what is the norm.

So here I am…presenting this other opportunity for life.

No matter what it takes, study marketing, business, online business and perfect your craft tirelessly until it works for you. It’s not easy. But it’s possible if you want it enough.

And again…if this seems like too much for you, don’t beat yourself up for it because this type of a life is not for everyone. You might think moving this much and being away from friends and family is a nightmare. That’s your truth and you need to stand by your truth.