Plastic-Free Bathroom Alternatives - How To Make Your Bathroom A Plastic-Free Sanctuary

Long, long time ago…actually roughly 60 years ago…in a land of confused humans, plastic became mainstream. This plastic thing was easily made out of a very accessible product - aka fossil fuel (aka liquefied fricking dinosaurs and plants that died millions of years ago)…which was drilled out of the depths of the earth to make it. Makes sense.

Clever humans.

Today plastic lives amongst us in peace and harmony.


It’s a huge problem, you all probs know that. Here is turtle with straw stuck in its nose as we all know, here is a diver amongst beautiful jellyfish, I mean plastic. Here is a beautiful bird chirping. I mean dead because it ate plastic. Here is a fish that you eat that is actually filled with microplasics…mmmmm…here is water that keeps you alive that is filled with micro plastics….mmm…and here is a human that is dying because he’s poisoned with plastic.

It’s actually stock footage of a person, but this is actually happening to all of us. All of us are getting poisoned. Yes, including your daughter, son, niece, little sister, bro, mum, dad, friends. Yaaay.

Ok now that the sarcastic tone is out of the way…hi, I’m Australian and sarcasm is our primary way of communication, let me share with you how you can make your bathroom 99% plastic free. 

One room at a time, we shall save the world.

Shampoo in a bottle. Nope. LUSH has bars of shampoo or you can go to websites such as and get bars of shampoo. It’s genius. They work better than any other shampoo I’ve ever had and they have a lot of different versions that will suit your hair.

Same with conditioner.

Same with soap.

They all live in these steel containers that you reuse again and again.

Alternatively, you can use other natural products as shampoo and conditioner which I didn’t have much luck with but some people adore. Baking soda with water for shampoo and apple cider vinegar for conditioner. Try it if the above is too hard to get or too expensive. 

Here is a toothbrush made out of bamboo with blah blah bristles. It will decompose fast, unlike a normal toothbrush that will take 500 years to decompose and probably end up in some animals anusz.

Here is toothpaste in a aluminium tin. You can also use these toothpaste tabs from LUSH that come in fully recyclable containers…however because recycling is just a business and it doesn’t really work, this isn’t the best way. But I haven’t yet found kick ass shampoo in a tin that works as well as these. So this shampoo is my weakness.

Also my tooth floss which is cotton but comes in a plastic container. They are still struggling to create tooth floss that is fully plastic free.

Here is my menstrual cup that is basically a gift from the gods. Yes, this lives in my hoochie during my period. I forget it’s in there. It collects all my blood, no leakage. It’s king. And it lasts for years. It saves the environment and saves you money. 

Here is a metal razor with crazy sharp individual barber razors.

Here are cotton buds that I found in a store wrapped in paper. Alternatively I’ve heard the face halo is ridiculously good as a replacement. I’m yet to get my hands on one but Ima try.

Here is deodorant from LUSH. It’s amazing. Otherwise again, plastic free shop or google deodorant bars. They work pretty good. Perhaps not AS good as the deodorants which have aluminium in them and block your pores, but honestly, if something is in my body, blocking the natural purging cycle of the largest organ of my body - skin, then thank you…next.

Here is my lip balm in an aluminium tin.

Here are plastic free hair ties.

Here is the best damn skin exfoliator made from bamboo - Baiden Mitten. This is what my skin looked like before and this is what it looks like now. I’ve been using it for 8 years.

Here is a serum from LUSH, package free. It’s very hydrating.

Wooden hair brushes and combs are a thing.

Toilet brush cleaners made of wood are a thing.

Here is toilet paper from 'Who Gives a Crap’.

They also have paper towels.

So yes…I rushed through your options, but you can probably see that anything can be substituted that you already use for a natural version.

If it isn’t comment down below and I’ll try to help you find what you need.

Or if you know any other great Plastic Free Bathroom products, do let me know!

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