Daily Practises I Follow For A Fulfilling Life


Daily practices I follow for a fulfilling life.

  • Journal daily - catch out repetitive and damaging thought patterns and document your beautiful life. So many of us don’t know how to be present, at least these notes will remind you of how you lived.

  • Bullet Journal extraordinaire. Talk about one thing that’s upped my productivity and given me brain space for more creativity. I have a video about my bullet set up on my channel.

  • Cold showers daily. They suck. But they snap you into the present and they help you to become better at dealing with discomfort.

  • Healthy eating 90% of the time. Ain’t nobody got time to fill up on poisons that create mental and physical strain and unease. I got more important things I need to deal with than the negative results of indulging in junk.

  • Phone on airplane mode 90% of the time.

  • Very limited social media use. This is a new thing. Highly recommend.

  • Early to bed, early to rise. Around 11am sleep and 6am wake up.

  • Deep discussions with a close group of wise friends. Small talk = vomit.

  • Stopping to smell the flowers. Literally. Almost everyday I stop and take in the beauty of nature and appreciate the wind on my face or the sun in my eyes.

  • Learning to have downtime daily and not needing to be productive all the time. Everyone needs to recharge.

  • 20 mins of meditation in the morning.

Just some things that I do to help me feel tip top and make the most of my human days. Currently learning to incorporate stretching and movement daily into my weird travel life. And learning something daily to keep my sexy brain active 🤗

What are some things you do daily that help you feel and live better?

Lots of love,