Banging Online Presence For Creatives: How To Look Professional, Make Money and Command Attention

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Hello photographers, individuals with a message eg PT’s, cooks, lawyers, hi mum. Anyone that needs an individual online presence, I’ve got you covered with the video on what to focus on when setting up an online presence for yourself so you look pro, get followers and get that money honey. 

1.  Who are you?
It’s important for you to identify who you are. This might take you a while. Are you a photographer? Do you specialise in an area of photography? What makes you different. For a long time I also personally didn’t know who I was so I chopped and changed. That’s normal when you’re still developing yourself and learning about yourself. Seldom do people or personal brands know exactly who they are from the start. You should aim to get it as accurate as possible, but it’s ok to change it as you evolve.

Currently I’m sitting on ‘Beautifully Building Better Beings’. It helps to encompass everything I stand for - helping people feel good about themselves internally and externally because beautiful beings help to make the world beautiful. It’s not too specific - eg. Advanced Selfie Queen even though lots of people know me for that skill, as if I want to make videos about other topics, I’m free to do so which otherwise I could be restricted.

2. Social media - Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch (insert other platform here).
Choose your poison. You don’t need to be on everything. You should choose only the ones you can do REALLY well. I have Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter with content across everything but my main is Instagram and YouTube. If I have the danger of a platform sitting empty and looking poor, I’d rather not have an account on that platform as measly attempts make you look even less professional. 

3. Have flawless images of yourself and your business - you need good images to sell yourself and your image. I’ve found the cheapest and best way to do this comfortable and quickly. You’re welcome.

4. Be consistent and provide value
If you don’t provide value somehow - whether it’s through humour, your personality, your message, etc etc - people won’t have a bar of it. If it’s always about you, you, you, then it gets old pretty quick. Fastest way to getting a great online presence is serving as many people as you can. So provide value though your work!

5. Gather online reviews
on Google, Facebook and transfer those to your website - This is for those offering a service. PT’s, photographers, Lawyers, Hairdressers. Anyone really. Ask your clients to do a google review and Facebook review. If you have a good relationship with them and they love you, this should be easy peasy. Once these reviews are done, get them up on your website. Which brings me to.

6.  Set up a website.
You need a website which is basically your online business card of who you are. I don’t know how people survive without websites these days. Even for a college graduate looking to get into Marketing. Having a website with everything on there about you, even if you are just trying to get a job and don’t have too many skills, this will set you apart MASSIVELY. On there you should have photos of you, a bio, your socials, reviews.

7. Patience
Your online presence will become more concrete and your online followers will grow as you grow, as you learn who you are, as you perfect your craft, as you produce more content, as you train more people or cut more peoples hair and you can show off what you’ve done for others. 

Patience is key in this all. Don’t sweat it just concentrate on building up your skills all the time.

What is your favourite tip out of all this? What will you implement right away?

Also, as always, I’m all about that free self promo so please plug yourself down below. The perfect plug should be confident, but not cocky, should have what you do in a short sentence, your Instagram or website should be linked and what value people can expect from you.

Look forward to reading so I know who’s watching this!

Here is my Instagram and Twitter if you’d like to see more and until next time guys…peace!