Social Media Is A Monster - My 30 Day Detox

The reasons why I decided I needed to get off social media asap:

  • brain felt like mush

  • less productive

  • comparison of my work was brutal

  • waste of time

  • not enough time to do what I wanted to do

  • always on the phone

  • late nights on the screen which was disrupting my sleep cycle

  • felt like I was plugged in and didn’t know who I was

  • not happy. let me rephrase - moody af

  • Looking at my phone made me physically sick 

  • I couldn’t create. Creativity was at an all time low

  • I thought I was a disaster of a human because everyone around me always seemed to be doing better

  • I couldn’t tell if I was asleep or awake

  • my personality was gone

  • it felt like my brain was revving at a million miles a second without any downtime

  • my life felt empty

It shows that I’ve sure…been a minimalist in my life but a major consumer on this front which has been ruining me.

It’s important to have down time without doing anything as mentioned in the book ‘How to be Bored’ by Eva Hoffman:

It is easy, amidst the plethora of diversions and options offered by our societies, to lose track of why we do what we do, what we truly want, and what it is about our activities or our lives that we value and love. 

I hope you learn to detach my lovers. Get your life back. You deserve it.