The Advanced Selfie Isn't As It Seems: The Unexpected Life Changing Story of An Accidental Creation


People laugh at me when I tell them I teach the Advanced Selfie to thousands.

Recently I met a person that gave me another eye roll when I told them I teach how to take Advanced Selfies. He didn’t understand. He thought it was pathetic. And when I explained the importance of the Advanced Selfie and how it helped me and how it helped him, he finally understood and acknowledged it was important.

I also started thinking in the recent months that maybe this isn’t the best thing to be teaching and maybe it’s a little lame and very shallow, but I just finished a trip to Palm Springs and took so many new Advanced Selfies (as you can see in this video) and I reconnected to my love of this art.

I realised truly my journey of what it took to get to the point of confidence in myself and the love of myself and the love of this self-portrait craft for me and for thousands of others that write to me daily how much it has helped them.

So as weird of a journey as it is for me to be doing this apparently shallow game (probably due to the name, but come on…it’s funny and it’s genius), I now understand it’s not shallow and it’s very necessary in the world we live in now days.

I hope this video helps to explain why I adore this self-portrait style so much.If you know of someone that could use some nice photos of themselves for their personal enjoyment or their business or a boost in confidence, please send them this video. I think it will be helpful!

Lots of love to you all,