Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World - and Why Things Are Better Than You Think


My name is Sorelle Amore and I’m a human crab 🦀

Also I’m a realist. I’ve been always very hopeful for the world, sometimes even to my surprise when a most common phrase around me is “I’ve lost hope in humanity”. I never agreed but didn’t know why.

Currently finishing the book Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World--and Why Things Are Better Than You Think, now I understand my attitude.

In the book, with supportive statistics, it shows that the world is progressing in so many ways - but we never get updated with improvements so it’s easy to have an old view of the state of the world.

  • most of the world has access to a forever improving medical system

  • the world is safer today than ever before

  • most of the world is out of extreme poverty

  • the world is having less babies than ever before due to access to education, plummeting child mortality rates and people escaping poverty

  • population growth will be levelling out at around 10-12 million people

  • people dying from natural disasters has halved over the last 100 years

  • life expectancy around the world is increasing

  • women around the world are spending almost the same amount of time in classrooms as men

  • lots of animals are coming back from extinction

  • so many more heartwarming facts

There is still SO much work to do, but all in all, you should be impressed with humans progress.

Climate destruction and overfishing are some areas in a critical state so that’s something we must all strongly work on.

All in all though, I hope you read the book if you have doubts and hopefully you all never use the phrase “I’ve lost hope in humanity” again.

How do you feel about the state of the world today? Were all these facts surprising? Are you in awe of humanity or disguised? Do you feel safe in the world or scared?

(Ps. Please read the book!)

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