5 SELF PORTRAIT HACKS IN 300 SECONDS (Advanced Selfie Edition)

The Advanced Selfie is all about taking a normal photograph and turning it into art. The online world is vicious but this girl ain’t going to let social media intimidate you because I’ll teach you hacks to level up your Instagram feed.

  1. Use what you’ve got - I’m not a fan of endless wardrobes because realistically who has the money for that, or the time to shop and it’s better to have a few items you love then crappy fast fashion clothing that looks like a bag of dic in 2 washes. So…here is just one of the solutions I use: Bedsheets. If you use this tip, make sure you tag #BedsheetArt so I can look at what you’ve created. hehe

  2. Perfect the pose, then make minor tweaks - it’s far too difficult to make your entire pose flawless from the start. Lock in the pose and then tweak the face. Take as many photos as you need until you’re happy with your facial expression. That would be a couple or 20.

  3. Aim to be uncomfortable - posing is never comfortable. Aim to make it look easy with a relaxed face, but secretly, you’ll be suffering.

  4. Use The Golden Rule of 5 - In every location that you shoot, the aim is to walk away with as many photos as you can because this gives you a backlog of content you can use and make the most of your time. Whenever I’m out shooting my Advanced Selfies I aim for the golden five - close up, mid shot, far away, sitting, lying down. Then you can also add different backgrounds and different outfits, different editing and one location can produce a million different looks for you.

  5. Use props - shadows, add elements to the foreground, clothing or items (bed drone) to help enhance your photo and take it from photo to art.

  6. Bonus - use beautiful locations - whether you’re renting out stunning AirBnBs for the day or integrating mother nature - a beautiful background is 50% of the photograph and it will make your job so much easier. Goodbye ugly background challenge. I’m totally not into you.

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What is your favourite hack?

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Sorelle Amore